HippoStack helps you architect HIPAA-compliant apps

Plus navigate the administrative policy requirements

Astonishing API's

Our services save you hundreds of dev hours

Healthcare apps tend to have a lot of code in common. Our flexible services will keep you from repeating history and let you focus on your software's core functionality.


Patient personal information and health data storage, health code metadata, EHR integrations, and that's just the start of it. Our primary mission is to drastically reduce the time and complexity to get your app to market.

HIPAA Coverage

We can help

No one can remove all your obligations, but we're as close to HIPAA-as-a-service as you can get. We handle the following aspects of HIPAA so you don't have to:

  • OAuth user authentication and authorization
  • Access logging and auditing
  • Data redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Data portability, no lock-in
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Physical facility security
  • Business Associate Agreement

Plug-in Widgets

Access Control

Swap in our pre-made GUI to manage user permissions and groups and handle authentication.

API Wrappers

Use one of our wrappers in your favorite language or web framework and implement HippoStack even faster.


View in fine-grained detail who accessed what PHI and when it happened. The auditors are going to love this.

Our progress

We're working around the clock

HippoStack is coding furiously to build all the components you need for your next health application. Check in every now and then to see updates on our progress.

Core Services

45% Complete

Wrappers and Widgets

10% Complete

Full Backend-as-a-Service

10% Complete

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